Petition for "Battle of Gods" FUNimation Dub

Démarré par FlashFinalVegeta, 22 Mars 2013 à 14:57:30

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Here we are with a amazing Scene from bill fights goku! i knew goku wouldnt have enough power to defeat this guy plus someone already said theres more gods if this one is this strong goku is really screwed

Alrighty well so far as we know the movie only going to be in imax and japan,  others like me dont want it in Jap. we need it in english
and alot of people are signing this petition and it would really mean alot if you guys would sign it also. Heres a video explaining and heres the link

Edit Gaijin : I merged your posts and changed the title, it's clearer like this.  ;)


I rather be ok to sign a petition for this movie ONLY in japanese (subtitled) instead of a french or english version !!  :P
IMO, there is nothing better than the original voices and musics !!  ^u^

But of course, if Battle of God is released in cinema outside Japan, it will be dub.


I hope there will be a FUNimation dub,as good as Dragon Ball Z Kai was ^^
And a good Blu Ray release for USA of course, as usual ^^ I really want to see a new performance with all the cast  :ha: