DragonBall Revival of F - SPOILERS From The Movie LEAKED

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SPOILERS From DragonBall Revival of F Spoilers From the Movie Leaked Information and talk logs Even who's going to be dying and much more! I'm sorry if this is false information or it could be accurate information the information is obtained from people that have watched the movie! Could we be expecting DragonBall Revival of F 2 Movie? In the spoiler it says goku dies and vegeta dies it even says vegeta becoming a super saiyan god ... which is weird... and the other thing is weird is the blue hair.. Even I don't understand that... Title of Article 'Dragon Ball Z: Revival Of F' Spoilers: Movie Leaked Online As First Look At Super Saiyan God 2 Goku And Vegeta Revealed!
New "Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F" spoilers are now spreading online as the entire movie has been leaked online following the first premiere of the movie in Japan. Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F" was recently premiered in Japan and the people have been leaking the entire plot of the film.

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