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DragonBall - Resurrection Of Broly (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Vs Goku SSJGO

Démarré par FlashFinalVegeta, 22 Mai 2015 à 01:21:38

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Finally it's time for the legendary saiyan broly to step in and stop all these super saiyans reaching these impossible powers. Now broly has reaches over a level no one ever thought he could now he's going to show each and every saiyan how it's done to be a super saiyan god super saiyan. Then we have goku the super saiyan god super saiyan stepping up to broly once again we all know that didn't go so good last time with goku and broly they both have history of fighting and sadly it didn't end well with broly. but now it's time for broly to get his revenge