DragonBall What If: Super Saiyan Bardock Multiverse vs Vegeta GT (SSJ4)

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Vegeta wants to fight someone powerful so they return to the afterlife tournament to revive super saiyan bardock
Super Saiyan Bardock has what it takes to fight Vegeta.  A Legendary Super Saiyan Bardock Fights the Prince of all saiyans Vegeta. Vegeta get's really upsets and transform into a super saiyan 3. As bardock proves he can keep up with vegeta, vegeta has no other choice but to transform into a super saiyan 4. But the fight is far from over. To try and defeat the powerful bardock, vegeta calls in super saiyan 4 goku to help him try and beat bardock but will it do vegeta any good?
Vegeta GT / Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta is (not included in DragonBall Z Final Bout 2)