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Super Dragon Ball Heroes : Le Manga

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Même le site Kanzenshuu a enfin recensé les deux séries SDBH dans sa base de données (même s'il n'y a pas tout détaillé tome par tome et chapitre par chapitre) :


Sinon, sur le wikia anglophone, c'est pas mal détaillé...
DARK DEMON REALM : https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Dragon_Ball_Heroes:_Dark_Demon_Realm_Mission!
UNIVERSE MISSION : https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Dragon_Ball_Heroes%3A_Universe_Mission_(manga)

De toute façon, vu que le 1er tome de SDBH DARK REAL MISSION sort en mars 2020 en Allemagne, je pense que Glénat ne tardera plus à nous les proposer en France (surtout que le dessin animé, quoiqu'on en pense, a réussi à populariser le truc chez nous)!!...


Je viens d'apprendre que le manga est annoncé également en Espagne et en Italie... et Glénat a annoncé à quelqu'un sur Facebook de surveiller les annonces!!...


Résumés en anglais des deux chapitres de ce bimestre :


The Time Patrol, cooperating with Demigra and Robel, continues its assaults on the six Hell Gates maintaining the barrier to Mechickaboola's lair in the Demon Realm.

Inside the "Green" Hell Gate, Robel faces Putine, who uses her body-manipulation magic to fling a crowd of unwilling Demon Realm soldiers at Robel, an act she dubs the "Puppet Machine Gun" technique.

One of the soldiers berates Demigra and his followers for being traitors. Robel says that "traitor" is an insult better suited for their side, noting that "Two-Faced Putine" was formerly an underling of Demigra's. Robel uses her "Time Rail" to reverse the soldiers' movement midair, hurtling them back toward Putine. The group explodes on contact.

Successful in her mission, Robel rejoins Trunks: Xeno and Pan: Xeno in the hub of Hell Gates. She accredits her victory to having spent tens of thousands of years as a spy in the Demon Realm's army.

Robel notices that Gohan: Xeno, Goten: Xeno, and Vegeta: Xeno have all returned as well, and praises them. The group notes that Son Goku: Xeno has yet to return, and Robel teasingly says that perhaps he lost.

In the "Blue" Hell Gate, Goku: Xeno battles Salsa, who uses gales of wind produced by his sword slashes to turn Goku's ki blasts back at him. Goku rushes in for a physical attack, prompting Salsa to use "Trick of Storm" to summon a gigantic tornado, trapping Goku inside.

As Goku struggles against the whirlwind, Salsa wonders whether Goku will be pushed back and crushed first, or sliced to death by his sword. Salsa rushes toward Goku for the kill.

Goku ducks and calls for the Nyoi Bо̄, strapped to his back, to extend. The weapon catches Salsa in the stomach, pushing him back and causing the tornado to dissipate. Goku turns Super Saiyan and dispatches Salsa with a Kamehameha.

Goku emerges from the Hell Gate and rejoins the others. Now only waiting on Chamel, Pan: Xeno teasingly comments that perhaps he lost, turning Robel's words back at her. Robel says she might be starting to like Pan's style.

Chamel emerges from the final Hell Gate battered. He flashes back to Broli: Dark's emergence, saying that the Saiyan began running wild with no end in sight, forcing even Towa to retreat.

With their seals broken, the Hell Gates crumble. Robel proclaims the first phase of their plan complete, and begins to explain their next move, which will take place once everyone has recovered.

Robel stops talking mid-sentence, and Trunks notices that everyone in the area is suddenly frozen in place. He recognizes this as "Freeze" technique wielded by the Kaiо̄shin of Time.

Trunks looks upward and sees the Kaiо̄shin of Time hovering overhead. He says that they came here to help her. She attributes the ineffectiveness of "Freeze" to the Key Sword Trunks is holding. As a response, she plans to unleash more of her dark power.

Assuming a dark version of her adult form, the Kaioshin of Time unleashes her "Time Clock" attack, sending a barrage of dark arrows toward Trunks. Trunks uses the Key Sword to enter a "time labyrinth," which displays the Kaiо̄shin of Time's memories. Through the time labyrinth, Trunks witnesses her struggle against the Demon Gods in the time rift, as well as her brainwashing at the hands of Mechickaboola.

Infuriated, Trunks turns Super Saiyan 3, and uses the Key Sword to cut a path through the Kaiо̄shin of Time's attacks. He strikes her with the sword, causing the darkness to evaporate from her body.

Returned to normal, the Kaiо̄shin of Time apologizes to Trunks and the others, but Trunks assures her that there is no need. With the Kaiо̄shin of Time restored, Robel proclaims the second phase of their plan complete as well. Now all that is left is to wait for Demigra to return from restoring the Dragon Balls.

Before the group can plan their next move, however, a torrent of energy blasts rains down from the tower in front of them. Mechickaboola stares down


Hearts arrives on Earth in a spherical glass pod created by Lagss.

In Universe 11, Zamasu sneaks away from the other Core Area warriors' fight against Jiren and enters the crystalline structure housing the Universe Seed. Though dismissive of Jiren as a genuine threat, he does consider him troublesome enough to want to take some of the Universe Seed's power for himself.

Seeing how much the seed's power has grown, Zamasu proclaims his allegiance with Hearts over. Using the seed, he can now destroy all who oppose him.

Zamasu's body is suddenly overtaken by liquid glass rising from the floor. Lagss emerges and re-encases the Universe Seed in a prism. Lagss says the seed belongs to Hearts, calling Zamasu a traitor. Zamasu states that he and Hearts have simply been using each other from the start.

Struggling against the glass, Zamasu vows to use the seed to end both Lagss and Hearts. Before can finish his threat, he is sliced in half by Trunks. With Zamasu bisected and encased in glass, Trunks proclaims that no matter how immortal he may be, this is the end for his foe.

Trunks notices that his sword has also begun to be encased in glass. Lagss calls him a nuisance. Jiren and Dyspo watch the crystalline structure vanish from outside as they restrain Kamin and Oren, predicting that the remaining enemy troops are headed to Universe 7.

In Universe 7, Hearts surveys his surroundings and notes that though he has landed far from any cities, with his mind-reading abilities, he can "hear" what he considers the struggling voices of unliberated people calling out. Goku, Vegeta, and the Shin of Universe 7 arrive to confront him.

The Kaiо̄shin demands to know what Hearts intends to do with the technology he took from Universe 3.

Hearts says his goal is to bring "freedom" to humanity, which has been oppressed by the gods. For that purpose, he needs to release the pent-up desires people suppress in their hearts. The technology of Universe 3 can make such a feat possible.

Vegeta cannot understand what Hearts is saying at all.

Mortals live according to the gods' rules, Hearts continues, while subconsciously suppressing their true desires. Doesn't the restriction appall them? There must be a way for people to live as they want. Hearts is going to bring humanity's desires to the surface, and destroy the root cause of the problem: the Omni-King, the highest of gods.

Goku, Vegeta, and the Kaiо̄shin are shocked to hear that Hearts plans to target the Omni-King. Sensing their doubts, Hearts says that he is well aware of the Omni-King's ferocity. However, the energy needed to do so will soon be his.

The Kaiо̄shin takes off toward Bulma's to begin preparing an evacuation should the worst come to pass. Goku asks Vegeta if they should fight together, but Vegeta prefers a competition to see who can defeat Hearts first.

The two turn Super Saiyan Blue and begin to attack Hearts in tandem. Even being able to read their minds, fighting the two at once proves troublesome. Hearts comments that perhaps he needs a more precise technique.

Hearts forms several energy cubes crackling with electricity, and fires them at Goku and Vegeta, trapping them inside his "Gravity Cages." The cubes contain several hundred times' Earth's gravity, and multiply any shocks taken from outside by just as much. Hearts begins slamming the cubes into the surrounding terrain, doing significant damage to the Saiyans.

Hit and Jiren arrive on the battlefield. Jiren vows to repay the Saiyans for their assistance in Universe 11. Hit, bandaged from his earlier injuries, promises the same. Besides, he has his own payback for Hearts, having lost their previous battle. The Fuwa of Universe 6 hides behind a rock formation, repeating to himself that all he did was bring the two to the battle.

Jiren shatters the cubes Goku and Vegeta are trapped in, freeing them. Hearts recognizes Jiren as the rumored strongest in the multiverse. Hearts notes that he should have had allies dealing with Universe 11. Jiren asks him if he means the small fry he took care of earlier.

Hearts determines that Jiren is even stronger than he had "heard," and traps Jiren in a Gravity Cage. Although he may have been able to destroy them from the outside, it should prove more difficult from within.

Hit rushes at Hearts. Hearts notes that Hit's earlier attempts to use the Time Skip failed, but Hit catches Hearts in the jaw with a punch, then again with a kick from behind.

Hearts wonders how Hit is able to catch him off-guard despite his ability to read minds. Hit reveals that he is thinking of one attack and switching to another within the .2 seconds afforded by his Time Skip. Hearts marvels at Hit's ingenuity, as Jiren breaks out of his cube. Hearts is shocked that Jiren managed to break out simply via his own power.

Hit and Jiren close in on Hearts, as a voice tells Hearts not to move. Glass shards shoot up from the ground and form a spiked dome sealing him off from the battle. Inside, Hearts thanks Lagss for saving him. Lagss is thrilled to have been praised by her master.

Lagss reports the fates of the other Core Area warriors--Kamin and Oren, apprehended in Universe 11, Cumber, whisked away from the battle to whereabouts unknown, and Zamasu, terminated by Lagss when he proved traitorous exactly as Hearts had predicted. Hearts laments the unfortunate turn of events, but Lagss comments that she managed to save the most important piece. She produces the Universe Seed, which Hearts notices is now complete.

Outside the dome, Jiren tells the others to get ready to break through the glass and put an end to things all at once.

Hearts emerges from the dome in an explosion of energy, newly strengthened by the Universe Seed.

"Now there's an idea," he says. "Let's finish this all at once."


Vu qu'a été annoncé tout récemment le jeu SUPER DB HEROES : BIG BANG MISSION, il y aura à n'en pas douter une adaptation en manga qui sortira... mais pensez-vous qu'elle sera l'oeuvre encore une fois de Yoshitaka Nagayama?!...
Si c'est le cas, il faudra qu'un de ses deux mangas se termine car je ne le vois pas publier trois séries en même temps dans le Saikyô Jump[/]!!...
A mon avis, UNIVERSE MISSION ne va pas tarder à se terminer!!...
Si c'est le cas, vu que le jeu est annoncé pour le printemps 2020, ça laisserait encore au mangaka deux chapitres pour conclure (décembre 2019 + février 2020) car le numéro d'avril 2020 sera au printemps, voire trois car on sera encore au printemps début juin!!...
Après, même si le manga UNIVERSE MISSION se termine, BIG BANG MISSION pourrait tout simplement être sa continuation vu le titre très lié à la notion d'univers!!...
Que pensez-vous de tout cela?!...


Selon le Saikyô Jump du jour :

-Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission se terminera à 99% le 1er février dans le Saikyô Jump.
-La 2eme partie de Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ankoku Makai Mission! se terminera le 1er février dans le Saikyô Jump.


Merci Loicos, je n'avais pas vu ta réponse!!...
Ca voudrait donc probablement dire qu'un 3e manga sera lancé à la place pour coïncider avec la sortie du nouveau jeu...


Quand on voit que le prochain jeu SDBH mettra en scène Towa avec le bébé Fu de DB ONLINE, je pense vraiment que ce 3e jeu et sa future adaptation en manga permettront de faire un lien entre les deux premiers manga!!...
J'ai grand hâte de lire tout ça, et je pense que l'annonce de Glénat ne devrait plus tarder (certaiement en janvier) pour la commercialisation en français du manga SDBH...


24 Décembre 2019 à 00:20:16 #187 Dernière édition: 24 Décembre 2019 à 00:44:12 par Mephiles
Scanlation anglaise du chapitre #14 de DARK REALM MISSION, ou quand DB se prend pour SAINT SEIYA :


Après diverses recherches, et avec l'arrivée prochaine de Fu version bébé (tirée de DB ONLINE mais non utilisée dans ce jeu à la fin précipitée), il semblerait que la chronologie du manga SUPER DB HEROES soit la suivante :

DARK DEMON REALM SAGA (qui résume en fait les éléments réellement narratifs apparus vers la fin du jeu DB HEROES tout court) < DARK EMPIRE SAGA (se termine à la fin du tome 2 du manga) < DARK KING MECHIKABURA SAGA (toujours en cours, clôturera probablement le 3e tome de DARK DEMON REALM MISSION) < PRISON PLANET ARC (les 5 premiers chapitres du 1er tome de UNIVERSE MISSION) < UNIVERSAL CONFLICT ARC (du 6e chapitre qui termine le 1er tome et qui prendra fin très certainement avec le 2e tome pour laisser la place à la 3e partie de cette grande histoire qui déboulera avec la nouvelle version du jeu d'arcade) < BIG BANG MISSION (qui va prolonger l'histoire en ramenant plus de démons de la première partie)

Présenté autrement, ça donne :



a) Dark Demon Realm Saga (chapitre 1)
b) Dark Empire Saga (chapitre 2 à 10, tout le reste du 1er tome + le 2e)
c) Dark King Mechikabura  Saga (chapitre 11 à ??, débute et terminera certainement le 3e tome de cette première partie)


a) Prison Planet Arc (chapitre 1 à 5, 1er tome)
b) Universal Conflict Arc (chapitre 6 à ??, terminera sûrement le 2e tome et conclura cette deuxième partie)


a) ???

Allez, que Glénat fasse son annonce!!...

Plus le temps passe et plus j'adore Gokû: Xeno!!...

Et cette création de fan me laisse rêveur :


Confirmation que Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission et Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ankoku Makai Mission! se termineront demain dans le Saikyô Jump.
Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission débutera le 3 avril dans le Saikyô Jump et on aura toujours Yoshitaka Nagayama au dessin.


Je me demande du coup si les chapitres de ce nouveau manga feront la taille de ceux des deux anciens réunis... ce qui permettrait d'accélérer la sortie des tankôbon!!...


01 Février 2020 à 10:59:31 #190 Dernière édition: 01 Février 2020 à 16:49:02 par Mephiles
Aperçu du dernier chapitre de DARK REALM MISSION :



Preview du dernier chapitre de UNIVERSE MISSION :



Et diverses images, dont l'illustration de couverture du magazine et une illustration couleur pour la fin de DARK REALM MISSION :




Voici les résumés détaillés en anglais des derniers chapitres des deux séries, pour els plus impatients, et le "teaser" du prochain manga de l'auteur :

DARK DEMON REALM MISSION #17 (fin différente du jeu, notamment au niveau des rapports Mechikaboola / Demon Gods) :

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! Chapter 17 - Final Chapter
Date: February 1, 2020, Saikyо̄ Jump March 2020 issue

Illustration page text: A story 5 million years in the making ... finally comes to an end!!
A final, decisive battle with time itself on the line!!

Summary: Trunks, the Kaiо̄shin of Time, Old Kaiо̄shin, and Tokitoki awaken in a dark void. Scenes of their battles in other timelines hover around them in fog-like wisps. The Kaiо̄shin of Time explains that Mechickaboola is absorbing time itself. If this keeps up, the world will be ruined.

Old Kaiо̄shin asserts the need to find a way out, as a chain flies out from a pinhole of light far above him and smacks him square in the face. The chain splits into four and wraps itself around each of the characters, pulling them up toward the light. The fourth link of chains extends further downward, collecting someone outside of view.

Back in the former Time Nest--now itself mostly rubble and void--Demigra pulls the heroes, along with Towa, by happenstance, out of Mechickaboola's chest. The chains retreat into his staff. The Kaiо̄shin of Time is shocked by the identity of their savior, and questions how he can be capable of such powers as a user of dark magic. Demigra explains that he used his wish on Dark Shen Long, resurrected from the Dragon Balls they gathered from the GT timeline, to wish for the kind of power that could stand up to Mechickaboola--the power of light.

However, as he had spent so much time infusing himself with dark power, Demigra is uncapable of using the powers of light to their fullest potential. Mechickaboola breaks free from his chains. Demigra asks the Kaiо̄shin of Time, whom he refers to as Chronoa, about the Keysword. She should have received it from Robel. The Kaiо̄shin of Time tells him it was tossed away somewhere by Mechickaboola.

Frustrated by their current circumstances, Demigra desperately fires another chain toward Mechickaboola, but Trunks tells him they still have a way to fight back, powering up into Super Saiyan God. Trunks attacks in combination with Demigra's chains and lands an attack with his sword on Mechickaboola's chest. However, Mechickaboola instantly recovers from the damage. Having absorbed the time itself, he is now capable of limitless regeneration.

As the heroes wonder how to fight an essentially immortal foe, a rift in time opens behind them. Robel, Chamel, and the rest of the Time Patrol step through. Pan jeers at Mechickaboola for playing dirty as Goten cheers her on. Goku emerges holding the Keysword.

The Kaiо̄shin of Time and Demigra shout simultaneously to their respective allies to buy them time for the Kaiо̄shin of Time to recharge the Keysword. Goku and Vegeta take a pair of Potara Earrings off of Old Kaiо̄shin, earlier knocked unconscious by the chains.

Goten powers up into Super Saiyan and he and Pan fire shots at Mechickaboola. Mechickaboola easily blocks them, but leaves an opening for Gohan, powered up into Super Saiyan 4, to attack. Mechickaboola stops Gohan's kick, but his subsequent blast against Gohan is blocked by a combination of Robel and Chamel's magic, allowing the Saiyan to retreat.

Super Saiyan 4 Vegetto rushes in and lands successful physical and ki-based attacks against Mechickaboola. Mechickaboola is impressed by this mere mortal's strength, but proclaims all attacks ineffective against his newly immortal state.

Mechickaboola is stopped once again by Demigra's chains, as he and Vegetto look down to see that the Kaiо̄shin of Time has finished recharging the Keysword, wielded by Super Saiyan God Trunks.

Mechickaboola taunts them, saying that even if a strengthened sword can resist his dark powers, it means nothing without the ability to do damage. He can simply regenerate from any attack they can land.

Demigra pulls Mechickaboola toward the sword, and Trunks strikes. At first the blow seems ineffective, but a large seal baring the Kaiо̄shin of Time's crest soon appears across Mechickaboola's chest. Trunks and the others have combined all four of the power of the gods, the power of darkness, the power of light, and the power of time in order to seal Mechickaboola away. Trunks strikes him one more time with the sword, sealing him in an "Eternal Labyrinth." Mechickaboola vows to escape as a rift in space-time closes in on him, but the portal seals him away before he can finish cursing the Time Patrol's name.

The team celebrates its victory, but Chamel points out that they remain trapped in a dark, ruined world. The Kaiо̄shin of Time admits that the time Mechickaboola swallowed up was sealed away along with him, and she has no way of restoring it on her own. Pan breaks down crying. Tokitoki lets out a cry and assumes a giant form, hovering over a now-restored Time Nest.

Old Kaiо̄shin, now awake, explains that this is the true form and power of Tokitoki, the one who rules over time. However, it is not merely his work, but the work of the Kaiо̄shin of Time who so diligently raised him, that has led to these auspicious results.

The heroes celebrate anew. Cracks begin to appear in Chamel and Robel's skin--the result of the Time Nest's restored seal. Demigra orders a retreat while promising to one day take the throne of Kaiо̄shin of Time for himself. The Time Patrol vows to stop him. Recommitting to fighting for the sake of time, they strike their victory pose--to Pan's confusion and Vegeta's frustration.

The Kaiо̄shin of Time chastises Vegeta for not going along with the pose, and Pan says she wants to learn too.

Old Kaiо̄shin waves goodbye beside Tokitoki as the narration promises that the Time Patrol's adventures have not yet come to an end. Next issue, could it be ... ?

Series end


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission Chapter 12
Date: February 1, 2020, Saikyо̄ Jump March 2020 issue

Illustration page text: (Kanji) The great universal conflict (Furigana) Universe Mission - Reaches its grand conclusion!!

Summary: In the aftermath of her battle with Piccolo and #17, Lagss nurses her wounds and prepares to return to Hearts. However, Majin Ozotto appears from a whirl of darkness and dissolves her into a cloud of black smoke, which he absorbs. Having finally obtained the power of the Glass Tribe, he plays with his new abilities--creating a tower of glass and a hovering crystalline ball of spikes. He notes that planet seems not to have much time left, and vanishes as he came. Hearts' meteor bares down overhead.

Trapped under Hearts' gigantic gravity cube and helpless to stop the meteor, Goku responds to Vegeta's request for Fusion. He asks if Vegeta is serious given his dislike of the Fusion Dance, but Vegeta responds that they can use Potara instead. Vegeta shouts to the Kaiо̄shin of Universe 6, cowering behind a tree outside the cube, to hand his earrings over. The Kaiо̄shin hasn't brought them however, as they were taken by Kale and Caulifla earlier. In addition, as he only came along to ferry Jiren and Hit, he'd rather not get involved.

Goku pleads to Vegeta to consider the dance, but Vegeta notes that given the current gravity, they odds of successfully aligning their movements are practically non-existent. Jiren lifts himself off the ground and says that if all they need is time to move, he can buy it.

Powering up to his limits--and losing his shirt in the process--Jiren orders Vegeta and Goku to fuse within the time he can manage to push the gravity back with his ki. (Don't ask how that works--I mean I guess it's not actually "gravity" gravity; just the force of Hearts' technique.)

As Jiren pushes back with his ki, Hit sneaks up behind Hearts with the Time Skip and lands a single punch. Hearts mocks its power, but its true aim was to land Hearts in the "Time Prison" technique, preventing him from moving. It only lasts an instant, though, before Hearts is able to break free by releasing more of the Universe Seed's power. Hearts prepares to attack Hit, but just then, Goku and Vegeta successfully complete their fusion.

Gogeta calls out to Hearts from the ground, asking him to show him the power of the Universe Seed he's so proud of.

Gogeta attacks Hearts relentlessly in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Though he thinks the direction of each blow clearly before doing it, Hearts is unable to keep up with his actions. Gogeta taunts him over his inability to respond despite likely hearing his thoughts.

Hearts unleashes the Universe Seed's full power, sending a swarm of small cube-shaped projectiles toward Gogeta. Gogeta weaves through most of them, but is caught by one, which expands into a gravity prison around him allowing the other projectiles to hit him.

Hearts monologues about how Gogeta doesn't understand as the Saiyan emerges unscathed from the explosion. The universes only exist at the whim of the gods, who could destroy them at a moment's fleeting displeasure.

Gogeta prepares a Kamehameha and says he has no intention of understanding Hearts' ideals. He doubts Hearts would be able to achieve his aims with his current power anyway. And besides, while it may not be much, Gogeta already lives as he pleases.

Gogeta at Hearts and the meteor simultaneously. As Hearts is engulfed by the blast, he comments that though he finds these "brainwashed" mortals pitiful, he sought to save them anyway. He genuinely prays they find peace in the next life.

To Hearts' shock, however, Gogeta is able to successfully shatter the meteor. As Hearts, dying, taunts him over the outcome remaining unchanged--the falling chunks of the meteor can still wipe out life on the Earth--Gogeta fires back that a lover of mortals like him should know better. Humans aren't weak enough to allow that.

Across the planet, Goku's allies--Piccolo, #17, Trunks, the Kaiо̄shin (who has brought along Mai), Jiren, Hit, Kuririn, #18, Gohan, Kame-Sennin, Tenshinhan and Chaozu--all work to destroy the falling pieces of the meteor before the land.

Hearts observes their success and crumbles to dust, saying that with their strength, they may just be able to defy the fate the gods have chosen for them yet.

The heroes reunite at the battlefield. Goku--now defused--questions Trunks about what happened in Universe 11. Piccolo lets it slip that he was caught off guard by the glass-user, whose glassification wore off with her defeat, which Vegeta berates him for. #17 says Vegeta out to let it slide--they've just saved the universe after all.

Fu observes the outcome from his laboratory, elated by how interesting things wound up. No matter how much he studies these Saiyans, he never tires of the results. Now, he says, holding up a glass sphere, it's time for the true test to start.

Side narration: What is this sphere Fu holds ... ?! Next issue, a truly frightening experiment begins!!


Fu on the preview page: "Let's get started ... with the test that will blow this all open!"

"The Prison Planet was only the beginning ... Utilizing the data gleaned there, Fu's true experiement begins. What is Fu's goal, and what powers will it yield? The heroes of both Universe Mission and Dark Demon Realm Mission! appear! An experiment set to embroil all of both space and time begins!"


Le chapitre 16 de DARK DEMON REALM (l'avant-dernier de la série) est disponible en anglais désormais :



DARK DEMON REALM #03 et UNIVERSE MISSION #02 sortiront tous les deux le 1er mai au Japon, clôturant ainsi ces séries!!...


Du coup, la série BIG BANG MISSION, par le même auteur, qui prendra la relève dans le Sakyô Jump et qui commence dans le numéro sortant au début du mois d'avril, aura-t-elle des chapitres plus longs que ceux des deux séries précédentes (environ 30 planches chacune tous les deux mois)?!...
J'espère bien, comme ça les tankôbon sortiront plus rapidement (si ça conserve toutes les pages consacrées aux manga SDBH dans le magazine, ça ferait des chapitres longs de 60 planches et ça ferait un tome tous les six mois, donc deux par an, ce qui changerait considérablement le rythme des sorties par rapport aux deux premières séries)!!...

Allez Glénat, elle vient quand, cette annonce?!...
(Bon, ce n'est peut-être pas le moment idéal ces temps-ci pour une annonce...)


Salut, à tous,

Du coup on a une 3ème série qui va commencer au mois d'avril (big bang mission) ? C'est bien ça ?