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Théorie sur E.N.D.

Démarré par Shin Antares, 22 Janvier 2015 à 20:22:19

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Shin Antares

Depuis le scan 416, bon nombre de suppositions déferlent de partout sur les origines de E.N.D. En voici une qui peut tenir la route, je précise qu'elle n'est pas de moi. Attention, elle est en anglais. J'ai bien essayé Google Trad mais c'est de la merde. Donc si quelqu'un veut bien la traduire pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas, ça serait sympa. Merci.

400 years ago, dragons ruled alongside humans in Fiore. A war began, and dragons who wanted coexistence created the dragon slayers. The most powerful mage, Zeref, saw how the Dragon Slayers were getting out of control, particularly Acnologia. He tried to help Acnologia at first, used magic to fully change him into a dragon, with the hope that Acnologia would kill him and end his Death Magic curse. Instead, Acnologia was haughty and ignored Zeref completely.

Zeref realized what a mistake he had made, but he still needed someone who could stop him and this horrific magic. So he took a young boy being raised as a dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel, and with his books, Zeref transformed Natsu into a demon meant to be powerful enough to stop Acnologia as well as kill Zeref himself. This new Etherious demon was code-named E.N.D., and he banded together Zeref's many demons to form the guild Tartarus.

As a demon, he was incredibly powerful, but he was twisted by Zeref. Igneel had no choice but to fight E.N.D., but he could not bring himself to kill his own son. The best he could do was suppress the demon back into Zeref's book, freeing Natsu of that curse. However, Natsu was susceptible to being changed again, so long as Zeref had the book of END. Igneel had to get his son out of the way. He utilized Celestial Spirit Magic, which can distort time, and sent Natsu into the future. Two other dragons raising children, Gajeel and Wendy, realized their children were just as threatened by this demonic curse, so they also sent their children to a future where, hopefully, they could live in peace.

This timewarp was so powerful, it affected modern day Fiore. The most powerful Celestial Spirit Mage at the time, Layla Heartfilia, sensed this time disturbance and sought to stop it. However, when she realized these were mere children being sent to the future to save their lives, she instead helped to stabilize the time gate, but in the process, she used up her magic and died to protect Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy.

The three woke up to find their dragon parents gone, with no idea that 400 years had passed, since they were raised outside of normal human society. This is why people think dragons are mythical. They vanished 400 years ago, NOT 14 years ago. It was 14 years (7 plus timeskip) to Natsu and the others, but only because they did not notice the massive skip in time.

Thus, Natsu grew up in Fairy Tail, seeking Igneel, and he has no memory of Zeref, Acnologia, or of being END, since he was nothing more than a child at the time, and either repressed the memory or it was magically erased. However, Zeref thought of Natsu fondly, his most powerful creation, and he had high hopes that this son of the Flame Dragon King could "end" Earthland's two greatest threats: himself and Acnologia. When Zeref saw Natsu on Tenrou Island, he wept that Natsu was safe, he had grown up, and he was not affected by the curse. However, witnessing Acnologia's destruction once more, Zeref realized that the only way to stop the Black Dragon is with the Flame Demon...

Si la personne qui a pondu ceci a raison, c'est juste énorme !!!    :ha: