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DragonBall Z - MajinBoo SpeedArt

Démarré par Trunks95, 16 Mars 2017 à 00:19:47

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Hello everyone, I would like to present my drawing speed art of Dragon ball Z, drawing Majin Boo. I hope you like it and evaluate it.
In the drawing an analysis stays: drawing Dragon Ball helps a lot for you to learn how to draw anatomy and musculature of the human body! Due to the large number of strong characters, that's how ten years ago I learned to draw anatomy of the human body based on the skeleton, through a magazine that taught you to draw only dragon ball.
I made this drawing without a sketch, although I did not detail it very much.
If I'm not mistaken this is the Boj manjin in his second form. But even then he was already able to defeat the Goku SSJ3
By> Boo ^ _ ^