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DragonBall Z Freiza's Wish Story, Project, Voice Actors Needed & Animators

Démarré par FlashFinalVegeta, 20 Novembre 2015 à 22:46:15

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Searching for Voice Actors and Animators Ultimate DragonBall Z Animation Video On YouTube Please have a New Grounds Account in order to transfer files to each other. 
For this reason, this project will be a lot easy and faster for me to complete before any other major project I have in store. (Well what about the DBZ Project?)

Well, there are good reasons why I decide to hold off on making an announcing on this project.
I wanted to check out the Resurrection of Frieza movie first so I can get a general idea and some inspiration on how I like to go about this project. I honestly enjoyed the movie, but part of me feels like Frieza was defeated way to easy. So I had some time to think about it and the direction I like to go with this one will be kind of the after math from the movie itself.

So to give you guys a good in site on this project, this is what I have plane far as the story goes. The title of the project will still remain Frieza's Wish.

After Frieza defeat by Goku (Again) in the movie, I like to start things off by having Frieza be sent back to hell where he belongs. There he will meet up with the rest of the bad guys from the DBZ series. Frieza will encounter his father or someone else stating that they been watching his battle against the Saiyans and came very close in defeating them.

They will also point out the fact that Goku has giving Frieza one crucial pointer that Frieza tend  to just rely on raw power all the time and that he needs to train.

After Frieza realize his mistakes, he decided to train with everyone in hell to become even more powerful than he was when he was alive. Frieza will be training for many years in hell and become so strong that the other kia's will be able to feel his energy. (Damn that's strong! Lol)

Beerus while sleeping for many years has awakened from the energy Frieza was able to produce from hell. Intrigued by how powerful Frieza has become Beeru wises to see Frieza's new found power in action. Beerus feels that Frieza has been beaten to easily by Goku and wishes to how well he will be to handle himself one more time against him.

Beerus goes to hell and contact Frieza to offer him an opportunity to return one more time to have a chance in defeating Goku. Feeling confident Frieza decides not only he wants to defeat Goku but is willing to defeat Vegeta as well.

Beerus informs Freiza that it's not in his power to revive Freiza and that the eternal dragon may not be able to do alone as well. In order for this to happen he will need all 21 Dragon Balls together to summon a God Dragon. (A Secret of the Dragon Balls)
After informing Frieza with this vital information, Beerus leaves hell to visit earth.

Beerus reaches earth and meets up with Goku and Vegeta during their training to inform them that Frieza has been training in hell and became more powerful than he can imagine. Goku questions Beerus asking how strong he's become.
Beerus told Goku that Frieza's power woken him up from his slumber.
Goku and Vegeta socked from the news Beerus has told them.
Goku being amaze and intrigue of this news wishes he has a chance to test Frieza's new power.

Beerus tells Goku that he may actually have that chance, Beerus let's Goku know that he had paid a visit to hell to inform Frieza he has a chance to come back to life with the use of all 21 Dragon Balls and that Frieza manage to contact one of his minion to retrieve all Dragon Balls as they speak.

Whis informs Goku that it's going to be a lot harder to find the Black Star Dragon Balls due to them being located on separate planets across the Galaxy.
So with that said since the Earth Dragon Balls already in place, the rest of the heroes must journey across the galaxy in search of the Black Star Dragon Balls, but their first stop will have to be planet Namek. (Concept Over)