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DragonBall Havoc X Episode 2 - Evil's Transformation

Démarré par FlashFinalVegeta, 27 Avril 2015 à 22:12:31

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Mako try's to reach his super saiyan powers but his aura is still white so he isn't as strong as he think he is. But the more he will train the more powerful he can become. Recap - goku junior defeated nappa with ancient Kamehameha attack Kaito, Zataro and Dende are at Zatana and Yun-Yun's Aid, While Vegeta Junior Desperately rushed to the battle field goku junior is easily fighting revived warriors bardock and raditz. Raditz arrives kicking down kakarot junior about to destroy and kill kakarot junior a bit of luck comes running down to save kakarot junior from near death (Vegeta Comes)! now vegeta and goku junior has to find a way to deal with raditz won't be the easily thing to do. As more trouble comes turtles comes out of no where to finish off some z-fighters he didn't get to finish last time. Now he wants his revenge. Now goku junior and vegeta uses there special attacks to raditz to finish him off Raditz has gotten a lot stronger some how raditz shows up to vegeta and goku junior to show his new power ( His Super Saiyan Transformation Power ) now vegeta and kakarot junior have to figure out how they will defeat a very powerful old saiyan that's now reached super saiyan power level's. Now it's time to see if he can be token down. As that happens turtles has proven he is a lot stronger then before with punches and blows hitting him that's not effecting him faster then the speed of a bullet turtles is new and improved, As he charges up his power level rises. Now as all this happening The legendary goku might have to get involved in all this craziness that's happening although goku is in the dead world he will have to figure out a way to get down there to help them all win this crazy battle. As it's being explained to goku how did nappa did goku junior killed him with the Kamehameha blast and goku is very impressed with the speed and strength of goku junior. As vegeta trains in the dead world with Beerus it's clear that vegeta has gotten a lot more stronger but as goku talks to beerus and vegeta to tell them about what's going on with earth the only person that can help is beerus because beerus isn't dead goku and vegeta are. While beerus travel's to earth he will have to figure out a way for the two legendary super saiyans goku and vegeta to get to earth. Only way they know to get down to earth is the dragonballs wish both of them alive so they may return to earth. How will the Z-Fighters Goku Junior and Vegeta Junior Survive this fight with the new improved two super saiyans that transformed? Stay Tuned for the Next DragonBall Z Havoc X Part 3!