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DragonBall Z Revival of Freiza - Is Whis Stats Accurate? Or Is Whis Weak?

Démarré par FlashFinalVegeta, 14 Mai 2015 à 02:27:33

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Is Whis Weak or not? His stats from DragonBall Xenoverse shows his ultimate attack is low... and his other stats are basically increased? when it's time to finish someone off wouldn't you want to hit your ultimate attack? so is it possible for whis to be actually weak? Yes whis has trained Bills God of Destruction but we have not seen whis fight one battle? why is that? is it because he  knows his ultimate attack couldn't finish / kill his enemies? Just showing his stats on DragonBall Xenoverse it could be Accurate? could if be possible that the new golden freiza is a lot more powerful then whis himself? or could vegeta the new super saiyan god super saiyan is more powerful then whis also? Now I don't want to jump and say that whis is weak.. but when you look at the stats for him on dragonball xenoverse and us dbz fans don't know his stats from his new movie could be a give away...