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DragonBall Z Artwork: GoodBye Goku

Démarré par Trunks95, 01 Janvier 2017 à 02:44:31

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Hello everyone, I invite you to meet my new DragonBall Fan-Art Z: Goku's farewell, a paper drawing done by me with sketch, an average duration of two hours of work. And I used Chalk as the main material.
This scene is from the end of the saga of Cell, and for those who want to draw Gohan, I advise: use thin muscles, and start with the sketch, the harder it will be to draw his face right, the rest is easy, To make him look like Gohan himself.

  This drawing was reproduced based on the initial scene of the DragonBall Z 2 SUper Butoden from the version of Super Nintendo. Advice, criticism, praise. Thank you guys everyone has a great 2017



hum... c'est pas pour troller, mais, je trouve le dessin très laid.Ça valait vraiment pas la peine d'en faire une vidéo, après ce n'est que mon avis.