Mister Popo is Blue ?.

Démarré par alexsunny123, 21 Février 2021 à 12:54:27

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Usually I do not post any news regarding the Dragon Ball Kai series adapted for the United States under the name Dragon Ball 'Z' Kai. But this is quite exceptional. We already knew that American publishers were followers of censorship in Japanese anime. Well thistimes, it is Mister Popo who bears the brunt, since it is his own skin color has been censored! Indeed, last Saturday, during his appearance in episode 05 of Dragon Ball 'Z' Kai, the Americans were surprised to discover a blue "radioactive" Mister Popo ... For the explanation, just to know the history of the United States, and in particular that of the slavery of black Americans to understand that a Black in the service of God, that could be frowned upon in Uncle Sam's country. But in this case, why not having done it before for Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, already released in the USA for a long time? Personally, I hope that it will not come to this in France. Here is a short excerpt from the episode in question.